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“I suppose so!” she beamed. Yin herself hadn’t met any psychos or whazoos since coming to New York. Well, she’s met out of the ordinary people, but no psychos. At least none that she knew of. Perhaps she had met some and didn’t even know it. The brunette sighed with her quiet thoughts and rolled them away with her shoulders. Who knew. “So from what I gather so far you like pie and have had a few experiences with those one does not usually like to have experience with, correct?”

Man, she’s a chipper one isn’t she Tim? Probably just as sparkling as Tina, but without the angsty, bloodthirsty rage killer hidden inside. Or at least that’s what he hoped. His bony fingers pushed his thin spectacles up his nose as he looked away briefly. Not polite to stare, Tim. Not polite. You know better than that. Miss Yin sure was pretty though. “Yeah, that’s pretty accurate so far.” He admitted with an awkward laugh. “And I can gather that you like sharing pie with a friend, be it stranger or not, and talking long into the night about whatever pops up.”

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I have friends who say to me, ‘How come you believe in God?’ I go, ‘How can you not?’ I’ve seen the majestic beauty of nature and the overwhelming perfection of it. To me there’s nothing closer to God than that.

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Weeeeeeell,” Tim chewed on his fork, clearly becoming trapped. “It’s a long story really.” Too long. And far too complicated to be explained easily. “No, they’re not. But you never know. Maybe you’ll run into more than a few crazies and just never known. Haven’t you ever wondered if you’ve passed a killer’s path or a psychopath’s home before?”

“Hmm,” Yin looked up, and pondered over the man’s words. A small chuckle escaping her lips and slowly turning a little grin into a wide, bright smile, “Yeah—yeah I have wondered that before. Hell maybe I’ve met one. There are after all ones who choose to keep it hidden and some—rare—ones who clearly show it.”

By the gleam in her eye, Tim realized that she found this notion fascinating, maybe even a little exciting. Clearly adventure or the abnormal sparked something in this woman. If only she knew what he went through on a daily basis. “Got a point there. The really bad ones are the ones who hide it well enough.” He remarked, popping another bite of pie into his mouth. “And there are psychos in our government and stuff, we’re just not objected to them because it’s ‘not as violent or unhealthy’ as the more prevalent forms.” 

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Aaron Tveit @ Graceland Set Visit